Clex® Eukatol Drink

Clex® Eukatol Drink 

The liquid supplement for ruminants, calves, lambs, pigs & poultry

Registration no: V32311 Act36/1947 Art.-Nr. 6023

The supplement with 4 modes of action.

Components/ Advantages

  1. Methionine (MHA) and Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA)
  • Better liver function, boost the immune system
  • Fast available energy source
  • Acts against pathogenic bacteria causing diarrhea
  1. Organic acids (formic-, acetic-, propionic- and benzoic acids)
  • Improves feed hygiene and feed intake
  • Improves availability of all nutrients, metabolism and performance
  1. Highly dosed Betaine and Inulin
  • Improves liver- and gut health
  • Improves the immune system and protects against acidosis
  1. Herbs including Oregano
  • Protects against inflammation and liver damage